Cyprus is a delightful little island in the Mediterranean Sea and an absolutely wonderful travel destination. It’s actually the third largest island in the Mediterranean and it has a great mixture of beautiful beaches, history, and nature.  

Cyprus is a popular tourist spot across Europe, but strangely, a lot of people don’t even know half of what the island can offer! A lot of the world hasn’t discovered Cyprus yet!  There are so many places to visit in Cyprus than just beaches and nightclubs.

I asked a few of my friends, who are regulars to the island, their opinions before I set off. They said: ‘Cyprus is a lovely place, really hot, but there’s no sightseeing’. 

I was shocked. If you could describe my worst travel experience in a few words it would be ‘lying on the beach’. I mean, that’s okay for a few hours but not daily for two weeks!  Worst. Holiday. EVER! 

So, naturally, I immediately set out to prove them wrong. And oh boy, how wrong they were! 

Nothing to see in Cyprus? You may as well tell me there’s nothing to see in Barcelona or Italy or Greece or – well, you get the point!  So, here’s why you should visit Cyprus – and certainly not just to lie on the beach! 

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